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<B>Letters From Iwo Jima</B><br>462nd fighter pilot JJ Grant wrote many a letter home to his wife Jane, with one baby girl and a son on the way. His insight into the life on Iwo and as a fighter pilot, will be noted thoughtout this site. Just mouse over when you see Letters From Iwo. (webmaster note: JJ was my father and I have over 80 Letters written from Iwo (usually located on the right margin of a page) that he wrote. This is new to the site so please be patient as the next couple of months will see significant publishing of his letters. Privavy will be adhered too so the letters have been edited. JJ was always going to write a book about his Iwo experience but never did finish it. Called - The Story That Had To Be Told - I was a fighter pilot in World War II - excerpt: I had been teaching and coaching for 7 years prior to my entrance into the Army Air Force and rumor had it that I was the oldest Air Force cadet other than commissioned officers who had volunteered to be Air Force personnel.<br>
 Letters From Iwo Series 

Their heritage began at Pearl Harbor

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