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Pilot: Major Lawrence P. Dolan| Nickname: Wild Goose | Rank: Major | Squadron: 457th | Plane: 502 | Name: ? | S/N: 472599


He was awarded the Air Medal and 3 oak leaf clusters. ( the last one was awarded to him when he returned to the US.) Also the DFC, and the Dist. Unit Citation. I have included some copies of his original citations.  Pretty remarkable.  He also recieved a citation for an attack on enemy  ground (George) also included in copies. When I asked him about this.. he calmly said.. oh ya.. I guess I did ..upon a mission they spotted a B-29 (US) .."all shiney" ..and then met with some enemy fighters shooting back at them.. they were ordered to shoot it.   He also told about another mission that they spotted a "camoflaged destroyer" that was located off to the side of one part of the island.. and also were ordered to shoot at it. 


Arrival time: 7/12/2024 at: 1:45:52 PM

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