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Major Shipman - C.O. 458th

"Successive VLR missions failed to find Japanese air forces until the airfield strafing mission of June 23, 1945. Attacking enemy airdromes in the Tokyo area the 457th and 462nd went down to strafe while the 458th provided top cover. It proved to be fertile hunting for the 458th led by Major Shipman. They were credited with ten kills, two probable's and one damaged in the air and one destroyed on the ground. Again, there were no losses for the squadron".

Harry Shipman passed away at home unexpectedly Friday, Feb. 8, 2008. He was 87.

We last saw everyone at the reunion in May 06 held in Ft Worth and hosted by the current 457th Fighter Squadron.

Here's the online link to Dad's obit and his passing on (or "graduated" to the ultimate flight school)


A reporter saw the obit and spent two hours with Mother on the phone this morning and they are going to run some sort of feature on him in tomorrow's (Tues, Feb12) Fort Worth Star-telegram as well. You may be able to view it online and if there is a link to it, I will share that as well.

Also some other very interesting links regarding Dad and the Air Force:

(a totally fascinating look at the P-51

pilots at Iwo Jima)

(this has a lot of photos I took at a fighter squadron reunion I was at with Dad in May 06

(this is an Air Force article about that reunion)

He was the best man at my wedding and my best friend and I will miss his physical presence, but his other presence is still very much with all of us. He was and is an extraordinary man and led a full life to say the least.

At the reunion, many of you told me what he meant to you in your military service and later and for that I thank you again!



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