2012 TBD

2011 Austin, Texas - We went flying

2010 Ft. Worth Texas Apr 29 - May 2nd

Hosted by 457th Fighter Squadron

2009 - Tampa, Fl - Fun in Sun Airshow

2008 - Washington, D. C.

2007 - Sept 27-39, Columbus, Ohio - Gathering of Mustangs Airshow

2006 - May 4-7, Ft. Worth, Texas hosted by the members of the 457th FS

Air Refueling KC-135 to F-16's Slide Show 2006

2005 - Officers Club & Hospitality Room Slide Show

Reunion at Fun & Sun, Tampa, Fl. 2007

Reunion History

JJ (Capt. JJ Grant, 462nd) tried to get our 462nd sqdn reunions started in 1947. Asked for $2 donations from all to start funding it. Is that in his letter? But at that time we were all trying to get jobs, getting married, etcetera and nothing happened 'til 1985 where we 1st reunioned at Dayton, OH. We planned on having reunions every other year. Our next reunion was in Colorado Springs in 1987. I and another 462nd vet met your father in Denver and drove to Colorado Springs to set up the reunion. It was still essentially a 462nd reunion with a few from the 457th and 458th sqdns. Bahlhorn got into the act in 1988 to set up the 1988 reunion where I met him to help in setting up that reunion at a hotel in San Antonio near the Alamo. Our 1990 reunion was set up by Bahlhorn and Bash in Las Vegas. Bash had trouble in making contact with Bahlhorn who was found dead in his hotel room. The following 1992(?) reunion was in Orlando(?) FL and I believe open to all 3 sqdns and group personnel in all the following reunions. I didn't make that reunion. JJ was active in setting up all reunions thru the 1995 AL reunion where he requested that others take over planning future reunions. We even had a few attendees from the 15th and 21st Ftr Gps at that one. I attended the 1999 reunion at Lakelanf,FL then missed all 3 at Pigeon Forge hosted by Westbrook and attended the 2003 in San Antonio, hosted by Richard and his following ones like the 2005 in Dayton, the 2006 in Ft Worth, the 2009 in Orlando, the 2010 in TX and the 2011 back in Ft.Worth. I think the above is correct. ED Linfante, 462nd

1985 Dayton, Ohio
1987 Air Force Academy, Co
2001 Group picture at Dixie Stampede, Tn
1995 462nd Montgomery, Al
1995 506th
2002 Banquet
2003 Reunion Pictures – San Antonio, Tx
2004 P-51 at Sun ‘n Fun airshow, Fl

Pictures from 2005 Reunion Dayton Ohio

1st Row (front) Wes Murphy, Stan Zavis, Jack Rice and Ray Miller 2nd Row G.B Lambert, Jack Folsom, Jack Cronk, Bill Springer, Budd Baumgardner, Bill Peterson, Ed Linfante, Major Eric Maurer and Ralph Coltman

left to right: Debra McCune, Tim (son) and G. B. Lambert, Dr. John Benbow
left to right: Bill and Augusta Peterson, Ed Linfante
P-51 Mustang
P-51 on display at the Air Force Museum
Ed Millner whose father Newt was a pilot in the 462nd Squadron with P-51 at the Air Force Museum
Major Maurer just before giving the group a close up cockpit tour of his F-16
Past Presidential planes were on display at the Air Force Museum
Cockpit tour of F-16 (457th Squadron)
Duane Marshall, Deborah McCune, and Joanne Grant seated, and Karen Wright, Pearl Marshall, and Tim Lambert standing
Wes Murphy teaching Eric how to fly fighters

Joanne Grant showing Robert (506th Webmaster) son of Captain JJ Grant from the 462nd the numerous 506th memorabilia


Eric getting advice from Ed Linfante
Rick Miller, Ray Miller, Jack Cronk, Ed Linfante (foreground), Naomi Cronk, Eric Maurer, Ed Woodrick, and Mary Ellen Ramsden (standing in background)

Arrival time: 11/18/2018 at: 5:58:31 AM

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